Robert C. Newman


[prepared for Christian Legal Society meeting, but never given]




Some Definitions


            Chance/Randomness ‑ several levels

                        anything can happen

                        anything w/in certain law‑boundaries

                        no mind, but some ordering mechanism


            Design ‑ also several levels

                        working w/o limitations

                        various limitations: time, materials


A Thought Experiment


            Monkeys typing "ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA"

                        "Give enough monkeys enough time..."


            Purely random case

                        Imagine electric typewriters: all caps, 33 keys, typing at 3 keys/sec

                        24 characters, so 33 to 24th power = 3 x 1036 combinations

                        The job will take 3 x 1028 monkey‑years


            Dawkin's guided randomness

                        use computer network instead of typewriters

                        monkeys make variations on chosen "best case"

                        job completed in only a few minutes w/ a few monkeys


            (Dawkins uses this for illustration of how natural selection works, but it is really a sample of design w/ limitations)



Design Versus Chance



The Origin of the Universe


            Recent move toward absolute origin at big bang

                        chance: fluctuation in vacuum produces universe

                        design: God created it

                        design in inanimate universe?

                                    anthropic principle


Quantum Mechanics


            Copenhagen interpretation dominant, featuring chance as basic

                        various other interpretations


The Origin of Life


            Dawkins: evolution of life from non‑life reasonable if 1 chance in 10 to 20th per planet per billion years

            Calculation for protein of 100 linked amino acids

            Langton's self‑reproducing automaton


The History of Life


            Non‑theistic evolution: problem of designing a computer simulation of natural selection to show it will work

            Various forms of creation (th‑evol, old‑earth & young‑earth creation): minds can produce order, so creation model works in this sense


Human History


            Design in history?

            Suggest Christian model supported by prophecy, transformed lives, changed societies





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