Chapel, Biblical Theological Seminary

4 Feb 1988

Dr. Robert C. Newman





            Recently chance for Harding, Phillips & I to be on TV (in audience) on show "Time Out"

            Interview of Benjamin Creme, a significant figure in New Age movement, with Qs and challenges from audience

            Talk today partly informative, on theology and method of one particular New Age figure

            Partly methodological: how respond to such people?


Benjamin Cr¸me and his "Christ" Maitreya

            Announcement in major newspapers April 25, 1982

            The Christ came back July 19, 1977 (RC 24)

            To bring world peace and prosperity via sharing

            To go public within a short time

                        (read ad)


Cr¸meÕs Worldview


            Pantheism: all is God (RC 110):

                        Q: What do you mean by God? 

                        A: In a sense there is no such thing as God... in another sense, there is nothing else but God... Every manifested phenomenon is part of God... you are God... I am God.  And because all is God, there is no God.  God is not someone you can point to and say "That is God."  God is everything that you have ever known or could ever know – and everything beyond your level of knowing.


            Theosophy: mixture of E & W religion (RC 88):

                        Eventually a new world religion will be inaugurated which will be a fusion and synthesis of the approach of the East and the approach of the West.  The Christ will bring together, not simply Xy and Buddhism, but the concept of God transcendant... and also the concept of God immanent in all creation...


            Reincarnation but app no Nirvana: evolution beyond man

                        There is nothing but Hierarchy in the whole of cosmos.  All of us are at some step on a ladder from down there to infinity (RC 72) The Masters have done this [evolving via reincarnation] to the point where They are what we call perfect, but it is a relative perfection.... They see great realms above Them, states of Being of which we can know nothing.  The Christ is the Master of all the Masters, but He is not God, and never claimed to be God.  He is a Son of God, but then so are we. (RC 115)


            All religions (more or less) same (RC 28):

                        All the great religions hold before humanity the idea of a further revelation which will be given by a future Teacher or Avatar.  Xns hope for the X's return, the Buddhists look for the coming of... the Lord Maitreya, while the Muslims await the coming of the Imam Mahdi, the Hindus, the ... Krishna, and the Jews the Messiah.  Each of them expects a Coming One, a Revealer of new Truths and a Guide into the future.  Esotericists know them all as one Being, the World Teacher, the supreme Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters, and look for His imminent return as we enter the Aquarian Age.


            Masters (RC 28):

                        In every age Teachers have come forth from this spiritual centre to enable mankind to take its next evolutionary step; we know them, among others, as Hercules, Hermes, Rama, Mithra, Vyasa, ... Krishna, Buddha and the Christ... They are the custodians of a Plan for the evolution of Humanity and the kingdoms of nature.  Their Plan works out through the agency of the esoteric Hierarchy of Masters who substand all world events and constitute the invisible (because unknown) government of the planet.  The Masters of Wisdom are those members of the human family who have made the evolutionary journey ahead of us... They (or Their predecessors) have been behind the whole evolutionary process, guiding and helping man, through a gradual expansion of consciousness, to reveal sequentially, his innate Divinity, and to become, like Them, Divine, perfected or illumined Beings.


            Re‑emergence of the Hierarchy (RC 30):

                        In the esoteric tradition, the Christ is not the name of an individual but of an Office in the Hierarchy.  The present holder of that Office, the Lord Maitreya, has held it for 2,600 years, and manifested in Palestine through His Disciple, Jesus, by the occult method of overshadowing...  At this point when the Aquarian Age is dawning, the Masters of the Hierarchy are now ready to return, for the first time in countless thousands of years, to the everyday world, to inaugurate the new age of Synthesis and Brotherhood... [They] will walk openly among us and lead us into the Aquarian experience.  They stand now, waiting for us to take, of our own free will, the needed first steps in the direciton of unity, cooperation and fusion.  Then They will emerge with the Christ at Their Head, and Their Presence in the world will be an established fact.


            Is This the Antichrist?

                        Don't know yet, as Bible predicts many false Christs before the real Antichrist arises.

                        We should neither get all worked up as though he definitely is, nor dismiss him as merely a charlatan.

                        Satan can use Xns getting all worked up over such people in such a way that no one will believe us when the real anti‑X comes along.

                        The crucial events to make such an identification have not happened yet, and may never happen for Creme's candidate (presuming he exists).


Recognition of Heresy

            Easy for believers to spot, if they have any Scripture knowledge.

            Tougher for unbelievers:

                        May not know Scripture (few non‑Xns have ever read Bible through)

                        May have rejected Scripture (common in pagan societies and in ours as a result of                         liberalism).

                        May prefer heresy over truth  (many cults are best understood as attempts to outbid Xy)

            How to help them see what is happening?

                        Need wisdom to recognize where heretic is coming from

                        Patience, clarity and tact to help others see


Techniques of False Prophets, False Christs

            Get media attention

            Don't advertise where you're really coming from

            Have answers ready for every objection:

                        "Lo, here": hasn't pointed him out (RC 48)

                        "Coming on clouds": landed at London airpt (RC 55)

                        "Every eye shall see": international TV

                        "Signs & wonders": telepathy (RC 49‑50)

                                    instantaneous cures (MM 12)


Response to Them

            Try to help people see where they're really coming from

                        clarify differences betw them and Xy:

                        e.g., Jesus is not the Christ (RC 46):

                                    He [the Disciple Jesus] was, and still is, a Disciple of the Christ and made the great sacrifice of giving up His body for the use of the Christ.  By the occult process of overshadowing, the Christ, Maitreya, took over and worked through the body of Jesus from the Baptism onwards.  In his next incarnation, as Apollonius of Tyana, Jesus became a Master.  He lives now in a Syrian body which is some 600 years old, and has His base in Palestine.

                                    (contrast 1 Jn 2:22; Lk 2:11)

                        even X not very high, acc to Creme:

                                    Maitreya one of 3 dept heads in planetary Hierarchy (RC 72)

                                    Our Hierarchy brought to planet 17 mill BP by Lord of World (71)

                                    Still higher than Hierarchy is Shamballa (73), where L of World

                                                (Logos of Planet) manifested as Sanat Kumara (135)

                                    Aspect of God to which we aspire is Logos of Planet (ib)

                                    Planetary Logos is a little God in bigger God which is Logos of

                                                Solar System (116), who is below Logos of Sirius, and he below

                                                Galactic God (ib, 117)

                                    (contrast Jn 1:1‑3; Col 1:15‑17; Heb 1:3‑4; Rev 5: worship Lamb)

            Warn of Bible's prediction of false prophets, consequences of error

            Emphasize need to know Scripture, not just to rest in fact that there are many interpretations.

            Show them tests for false prophets, etc.: Deut 18

                        Creme set date on appearance in 1982 (RC 249 and ad)

                                    (claims media made no real attempts to locate, MM 4)

                        But media made attempts, date agreed July 31, 1985

                                    (no show: claims great battle with evil, MM 6‑7)



            We need to care for truth, help others as best we can

            How decide what groups to spend time on?

                        Analogous to lawyer's Q to which Jesus gave parable of

                        Good Samaritan: help those you come in contact with

            Need to work on being able to detail & summarize so as to help those with little knowledge and those with much

            Need to have compassion on lost




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