Graterford Prison

4 June 93


                                              FULFILLED PROPHECY TESTED:

                                                               PAIRED CITIES




            Good test to show that Bible really does make clear predictions that come true

            Like tests used in trying out a new medicine; use a control group which is paired with test group, but gets fake pills


The Cities:


            Memphis & Thebes: capitals of ancient Egypt

            Tyre & Sidon: seaports of ancient Phoenicia (Lebanon)

            Ashkelon & Ekron: two of the Philistine cities

            Babylon & Nineveh: capitals of ancient empires


The Prophecies Fulfilled:




            Prophecies (Ezk 30:13-16)

                        Memphis to have its idols destroyed

                        Thebes to have is masses of people cut off



                        Memphis site became quarry for building Cairo by Muslims who hated idols

                        Thebes reduced from large capital city to a few small villages


            No good if names switched, as both have few people, but many idols found at Thebes





                        Tyre (Ezk 26:1-14) to have its rubble thrown into sea, its site scraped clean, becoming a place for spreading fishnets, never to be rebuilt

                        Sidon (Ezk 28:20-23) to face war and disaster, but nothing said about being abandoned



                        Tyre's mainland city destroyed about 600 BC by Nebuchadnezzar, but most people escaped to island offshore; almost 300 yrs later, Alexander besieged island, used rubble from old city to build road out to island; mainland site used for spreading nets today, never rebuilt.

                        Sidon has often been besieged and conquered, but survives today as one of major ports of Lebanon


            Again, no good if names switched, but perfect fit as is




            Prophecies (Zeph 2:4-7):

                        Ashkelon was to be reduced to ruins, but later inhabited by a remnant of the Jews

                        Ekron was to be uprooted



                        Both inhabited until Crusades, when both destroyed, and harbor of Ashkelon filled w/ stones

                        Since 1948, Jews rebuilt Ashkelon and cleared harbor, but location of Ekron still uncertain





                        Babylon to be deserted, without Arabs or shepherds, to be a home for wild animals (Isa 13:19-22), its stone not to be used as bldg stone again (Jer 51:26)

                        Nineveh (Zeph 2:13-15) to be destroyed and left desolate, but to become a place for grazing sheep



                        Babylon has become deserted over the centuries, partly by conquest, partly by shift in river, leaving site without water; Arabs avoid site as haunted, soil too poor for grazing even sheep; natives use site for clay bricks, but burn stone to make lime instead of as bldg stone.

                        Nineveh was destroyed suddenly and location forgotten for centuries; name of largest mound Quyunyiq means "many sheep"; long abandoned, tho recently suburbs of Mosul have grown out to reach site




            Striking fulfillment of numerous details about these cities

            Not just the sort of thing that one could say about any city

            In fact, if you trade names among the paired cities, the fulfillments would not have come true!

            This shows us that the God of the Bible really does control history

            And He controls your history too!