Corroboration from
Pagan Sources
For what else have we to say, when wise men are forcibly dragged by the hands of tyrants, and their wisdom is taken captive by calumny, and they are oppressed in their intelligence without defense?  For what advantage did the Athenians gain by their murder of SocratesÉ.  Or the people of Samos by the burning of PythagorasÉ  Or the Jews by the death of their wise king, because from that time their kingdom was taken away?  For with justice did God make recompense to the wisdom of these three:  for the Athenians died of famine; and the Samians were overwhelmed by the sea without remedy; and the Jews, desolate and driven from their own kingdom, are scattered through every country.  Socrates is not dead, because of Plato; neither Pythagoras, because of the statue of Juno; nor the wise King, because of the laws which he promulgated.
Mara bar Serapion, Letter to His Son